About Us

Animist takes influence from a wide variety of musical styles. Keeping roots in the heavy metal domain, we weave together different stylistic elements, representing different emotions to form cohesive songs and convey dramatic story arcs.

Death metal aggression, black metal melancholy, progressive metal chaos, folk metal tradition, power metal grandeur, doom metal drudgery, techdeath intricacy, melodeath feeling, symphonic metal Kontakt plug-ins. Each plays a role in the narrative of our music.

We’re into bands like Wintersun, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Nightwish who all play their own distinctive brands of symphonic epicness; like Devin Townsend, Between the Buried and Me, and Opeth who each have their own take on progressive metal; and bands who play a style, and play it well, like Amon Amarth and The Black Dahlia Murder. Not to mention Darkthrone, Emperor, and Windir, who range from black metal pioneers to “freezing in the forest” folk.

We’re currently working on our debut full-length album, “…Of Tales Forgotten,” a collection of stories that each reflect a historical event through the ages of a mythical world. Expect to hear a full range of technicality, power, and emotion as you’re introduced to stories of triumph, tragedy, deception, and madness.

Give our music a listen and come say hi at a show.

Eddie Jacobellis ~ Chris Rulon ~ Mike Tinghitella

Randy Tesser ~ Ross Richter

Henrik Lundqvist